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Let's Promote Your Perfect Feet!

This site and social media feeds will purchase and promote original and custom content only. Here's how it works, and the deal with buying your custom content:

  • This site will be a curation of the hottest feet. If this is you, we'll message and negotiate a fair price. 

  • You submit custom photos and/or videos that are original, never been posted anywhere else, and unique to our collaboration.

  • Ideally in the photo you have the words "The Perfect Foot", "" or "@the_perfect_foot" on a card or drawn somewhere creative. At the very least tag us!

  • We shout each other out! You promote the collaboration on Instagram with one or more of the photos/videos and @the_perfect_foot will do the same, promoting your OnlyFans or any other channel. You will be promoted both in social and on this site: you get paid and promoted!

  • If it goes well and you're interested, we can make you a model page on this site. It can come a directory of perfection that helps promote your accounts.

  • To get things started, you may get an inquiry by DM or email, about buying custom content. or you can get in touch on the contact form.

What do you mean by "perfect"?

Yes it's subjective. There are many kinds of feet and countless fetishists that love them. However this site will purchase and promote a generally specific type, though with a wide range of interpretation of ideal "feetures": 

  • Painted toenails only. Red, black, blue are great. Not interested in natural or French pedis. 

  • Bare feet are the focus, but strappy heels and flipflops are wonderful too. 

  • Preference for smaller feet, high arches, short toes. Toes and tops are a must, but lots of people love soles so let's see both. 

  • Some great poses include:

    • toe closeups

    • when the toes of one foot grip toes of the other foot

    • views from the side and tops so you can see both the toes and high arches

    • "the pose" from both over the shoulder and from behind so we can see your toes in the air

    • tops of feet together in front, in air, scrunched and spread, crossed

    • wiggles, scrunches, gripping items

    • self toe kisses

    • faces are great (booty too!), but up to you if you want to include!

  • Of course photos and videos with good lighting, clear, hi res, and in focus are best. 

  • If you have been contacted, or if @the_perfect_foot follows you on Instagram or @businessleisure subscribed to you on OnlyFans it is likely you would be great here so reach out!

Why this site?

It's an experiment! A new way to curate a private collection of the best feet, and get above the garbage on social media. We all get tired of so much content, so this is a way to showcase the best of the best to everyone's benefit. 

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